3 Heating Myths You Need To Learn The Truth Behind

With winter approaching, you may be preparing your home for the lower temperatures. Considering around half of your home's energy usage goes towards heating and cooling, ensuring your system is in proper working condition is key to your family's comfort and your energy bills each season.  Unfortunately, many homeowners lack the understanding needed to prepare their home for the heating season. By debunking these common myths, your contractor will help you prepare your furnace for efficient and effective heating this winter. Read More 

Inventing Something New And Need Precision Parts? How Prototype Stamping Helps

When you invent a new piece of equipment or machinery, you are very guarded about it, and rightly so. Anyone could come along and take your invention/idea from you and produce it before you can patent it. Yet, you have to have some way of constructing a prototype to make sure your invention actually works. If it does not, you have to tweak it and rebuild it so that you have a prototype that does work. Read More 

Can You Add Insulation To Finished Walls?

If you live in a finished home with drywall that has been textured and painted, you might think that it is too late to add any extra insulation. If your walls have bad sound and temperature insulation, you can actually add insulation. The task can be a little tricky, but it is definitely worth it if you want make your home a little more energy efficient. This article explains a great way to add insulation to your walls with spray foam insulation. Read More 

Landscaping Mistakes Homeowners Should Avoid

When you decided to update the landscaping in your yard, you had great intentions. However, somewhere along the way, things went south. There are many mistakes the average homeowner can make when planning a new landscaping design. Learn what mistakes you should avoid to keep your lawn looking great: Sun Exposure Before making a decision on any flowers, it's important to make certain you're considering the level of sun exposure your home typically gets. Read More 

Create A Backyard Theater For Your Teenager And Their Friends To Enjoy

If your teenager enjoys watching action movies, surprise them for their birthday by creating a backyard theater for them and their friends to enjoy some of their favorite flicks and refreshments by completing the following steps: Materials rake canopy  movie screen stand portable movie projector (with built-in DVD tray) electrical source small table movies chairs Erect A Canopy And Install Movie Equipment Rent a canopy and chairs from a business that rents construction and party equipment and designate a time for the items to be delivered to your home. Read More