How To Insulate Your Windows For Winter

When winter approaches, you want to keep your home as warm as possible. While you can do this with your heating system and fireplace, some of that heat you are generating could be lost if you don't have proper insulation. To improve the insulation in your home, checking your windows is a good place to start. If you feel a cold draft coming in through the windows, even while they are closed, it is time to think of better ways to insulate them. Read More 

The One Thing You Should Do To Avoid A Leaking Frameless Glass Shower Enclosure

Frameless glass shower enclosures give a shower area an attractive clean look that is rarely possible with most shower designs. And although most people love the simplicity of these shower enclosures, some usually shy away from having them installed in their homes because they believe that they are leak-prone. Well, that is a myth. In fact, it is something that only happens because of poor installation. This is so especially when it comes to the installation of an enclosure's curb. Read More 

Need New Countertops? Why Natural Stone Is The Perfect Solution For You

If you're in the market for new countertops, you should look no further than natural stone.  Natural stone countertops are the perfect way for you to customize your kitchen and make it stand out from the pack.  Use this information to learn more about why natural stone is the perfect choice for your new countertops. Natural Stone Is Durable One of the biggest problems with synthetic countertops is their inability to stand the test of time. Read More 

Slate Roofing: Is It Right For You?

A roof that can last more than 100 years sounds like an amazing and wonderful feat. Slate roofing is said to be both beautiful and durable. This type of roofing material has good, bad, and ugly sides just like any other option. When deciding whether or not it is right for you, it helps to look at the good, bad, and ugly sides. The Good There are some great advantages to living in a home that has a slate roof. Read More 

Four Things That Will Give Your More From Your Porch And Deck Home Addition

There are many things that you may want to do when adding porches and decks to your home. You may want to make a space that can be used all year with a four-season sunroom. Adding things like a cooking area and entertainment area can also be a great way to get more use of this outdoor space. If you are thinking about a porch and deck addition to your home, here are four things that will give you more for your investment: Read More