4 Factors When Deciding If You Should Paint Your Vinyl Siding Or Replace It

If your vinyl siding no longer looks as nice as it did when you installed it, and you are tired of the way it looks, you have two major choices you can make. You can either repaint the vinyl siding on your home, or you can replace it. Before deciding which choice is the best one for your home, there are a few factors you need to consider. Factor #1: The Age of Your Siding Read More 

Relocating Healthy Trees: How And Why

If you love trees, and you are a major ecological conservationist-type, there is a very good chance that you do not like cutting down trees, especially if they are healthy. Yet, sometimes, a tree just has to be moved. Maybe it encroaches on your neighbor's property, or maybe it is starting to wreak havoc on underground plumbing with its far-reaching, water-seeking roots. Whatever the reason, you will be happy to know that some tree service companies offer tree relocation. Read More 

Tips To Remedy Your Home Carpeting After Moisture-Related Mold And Mildew Growth

A moisture leak of any size in your home can cause water damage to many surfaces and items. But when you have water damage along with mold growth, the problem is increased with the possible risks related to mold and mildew exposure to you and your family. But even having mold growth due to excessive moisture in your carpeting is not a problem you can ignore. Here are some tips to help you clean up moldy carpet after an interior home water leak with resulting mold and mildew growth. Read More 

Landscaping Mistakes Homeowners Should Avoid

When you decided to update the landscaping in your yard, you had great intentions. However, somewhere along the way, things went south. There are many mistakes the average homeowner can make when planning a new landscaping design. Learn what mistakes you should avoid to keep your lawn looking great: Sun Exposure Before making a decision on any flowers, it's important to make certain you're considering the level of sun exposure your home typically gets. Read More 

Repairing Your Driveway’s Narrow Cracks With A Melt-In Filler

Melt-in fillers are ideal for use in crack repair projects simply because unlike caulk tube and squeeze bottle fillers, they last longer. And while it may take more work to effectively repair a crack with a melt-in filler, the fact that it saves one from having to make frequent repairs usually makes it worth the effort. The following are melt-in filler crack repair tips that you will find useful. Widen the crack Read More