Restorations And Retrofitting Chimneys For Upgrades To Historic Buildings

When you are restoring a historic building, some parts of the original architecture you want to preserve may be in need of restoration. Some of these features include chimneys, which may need to be retrofitted for modern systems and technology. Therefore, there are some things to consider about the restoration of old chimneys. The following information on chimney restoration will help you with your historic renovation project:

Restoring Exterior Masonry

The first thing that needs to be done to the chimney is restorations to the brickwork or other masonry. The restoration of masonry on the chimney can be complicated. A professional chimney repair service will start with areas that need urgent repairs and work their way around the stack, fixing any damage. When restoring the exterior of the chimney, try to use as much of the original brick as possible. If you need to use new bricks, mix them together with old materials to ensure the repairs are not visible.

Inspecting the Chimney Interior for Damage

The chimney is also going to need to be inspected to identify any issues. There are often issues with the interior flue pipe that need to be repaired. If the fireplace is also being restored, you want to make sure that the original design is preserved so it can be used again. When you are retrofitting the chimney stack with new equipment like metal pipes, the repairs can be more general to allow for the installation of the new materials.

Retrofitting the Chimney With Modern Flue Pipes

There may be different fireplaces and inserts that are being installed in the interior of historic buildings. These installations often require different flue pipes and other materials. Therefore, the old fireplace may need to be retrofitted. Before the new materials can be installed, though, the interior of the chimney may also need repairs. Once the chimney stack is repaired, it can be retrofitted with modern flue pipes and other materials.

Installation of Modern Mechanicals in Chimney Stacks

There may also be other mechanical systems that need to be installed in the chimney stacks. These old chimney stacks can be great for updating mechanical systems of the interior of old buildings while preserving the architecture of the exterior. Some of the mechanical installations installed in the chimney stack might include vents for HVAC, plumbing, and other systems installed in buildings.

If you need help restoring historic chimney stacks and fireplaces, contact a chimney restoration service. They can restore damaged masonry and retrofit the chimney for modern fireplaces, exhaust flues, and other systems.