Choosing A Custom Home Builder

If you are planning on starting the process of building a custom home, you should be looking for the right builder. There are a lot of general contractors out there, but you should be looking for one that has a lot of experience as a custom home builder. Building a solid home takes a lot of time, management, and skill. If you are beginning the search for a custom home builder, here are three things you should be thinking about.

Better Business Bureau Ratings

A simple google search for custom home builders in your area will yield you hundreds of results. You need to know how to sift through them to find the right contractor for your job. You can start by looking for contractors that have a lot of client reviews. If a builder has a lot of five-star reviews, you should add them to a list so you can investigate further. The Better Business Bureau will be your next step. This database will tell you if any of their past clients have filed formal complaints about their work on past jobs. This is not a database that can be altered by a business owner, so it is a great place to look for some honest information. Be on the lookout for builders that do bad work, don't finish jobs, and break other promises. If they have a good rating with no formal complaints, keep them on the list while you sift through others.

Proof of Contractors License

This seems like such a no-brainer step, but you would be surprised how many people overlook it! Asking for proof of your potential home builder's license should be one of the first things you verify. There are some important hoops that contractors have to jump through to be certified and legal. You don't ever want to hire someone without this license and the insurance that should go with it. If anything were to happen to your home, property, or anyone on the job, this insurance and license will be critical.

Find Someone Who Sees Your Vision

Finding a contractor that really understands your vision for this custom home is important. You want them to have confidence in the plans and know-how to execute them. Ask if you can see photos from other jobs they were responsible for. When you are spending your money on such an important investment all this homework is very necessary!

Use these tips to help choose a custom home builder to take on your plans. Companies like Mike Cusack Homes can help.