4 Tips To Help Improve Household Plumbing With A Modern Septic System Design

If your home relies on a septic system for household plumbing drains, then modern design is important. Good septic system designs can do a lot to reduce problems with household plumbing problems and reduce water consumption. The following tips will help improve household plumbing and prevent problems when you have a new septic system installed:

Installing Modern Drain Field Systems with Liners, Filtration Medium, and Improved Percolation

The first area where you may want to consider improvements for your septic system is the drain field. This is where the liquid waste or effluent is filtered through the soil in a process called percolation. The improvements that can be done to drain fields include installing liners, adding more linear footage of drain tiles and installing a system with a filtration medium to improve percolation and protect groundwater.

Improve the Distribution of Wastewater from the Tank with Pump Tank and Distribution Box

Sometimes, the problem with old septic drain fields is poor distribution, which causes problems with soil percolation and can lead to this part of the system backing up to the tank. To prevent these problems, it is a good idea to have a wastewater pump and distribution box installed to ensure the waste that goes from the tank to the drain field is distributed evenly and efficiently.

Reducing Wasted Water Resources and Septic System Stress by Recycling the Gray Water from Your Home

When water gets washed down the sink or drained from appliances like washing machines, it is wasted and causes overburden inside your septic tank. Therefore, you will want to consider recycling the gray water from your household plumbing, which can be used for outdoor tasks like irrigation of landscaping or inside your home for non-potable uses like to flush the toilets in your home.

Improved Septic Tank Designs and Secondary Treatment Tanks to Improve the Performance of Waste Treatment Systems

Another problem that you may have had with your older septic system is an undersized tank. This is a problem that can be solved by installing a larger tank that has separate chambers to improve the performance of breaking down solids in wastewater. Another option to improve systems with undersized tanks is to have a secondary waster treatment tank installed to improve the performance of the septic system.

These are some tips that will help improve household plumbing and prevent problems with a modern septic system design. If your old septic system needs to be redesigned and replaced, contact a septic construction service and talk to them about some of these solutions for a modern waste treatment system. Look for a septic system construction service like Hastings Construction INC. for more information.