River Rock Pricing: A Look At What Can Make Your River Rock More Expensive

Of all of the different types of landscaping gravel, river rock is perhaps the type that most homeowners find themselves gravitating toward at the material supplier. With its smooth texture and varied colors, river rock blends in well with just about any landscape feature, whether it is being used to create a footpath or as a bordering stone for trees and other plant life. In general, river rock tends to cost between $142.45 and $150.50 per ton, but the price can vary depending on your location. There are certain factors that can make your landscaping stone a bit more expensive, however. 

The rock you choose is a unique color. 

River rock is mostly made out of granite, but it can have other types of rock included in the mix. Therefore, the colors can be a little more varied than some types of landscape gravel. You can find river rock that is mostly a certain color, however. You may find something like red river rock that contains all red-hued or grey-hued stones for example. If you do go with this kind of material that is a more specific color, the price you pay per load may be a little higher than usual. Sorting the stones by color is a time-consuming process with costs involved, and that cost naturally gets passed on to consumers. 

The rock you choose is a finer or coarser consistency than usual. 

Most river rock you find is going to have medium-size stones that vary slightly in size and shape. However, you can also find this kind of landscape gravel that is a finer consistency or a more coarse and large consistency. If you go with either finer or coarser, you may pay more per ton for what you need, especially if you are buying natural stone and not something that has been synthetically processed because sorting the stones takes a while to do. 

The rock you choose is mixed with a more expensive type of rock. 

You can find river rock mixed with all kinds of other types of gravel. For instance, you may find river rock that is mingled with bits of rose-colored quartz to give it a bit of sparkle. These mixtures of gravel are definitely alluring, but they can also mean you will pay more than usual for a load of rock. The more unique the rock is that is mingled with the river stones, the more you are going to pay per load. 

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