Signs You Need A New Septic System

Your home's septic system is one of the most important parts of your property's foundation yet something you probably don't think about often. You may not even know anything about your septic system, other than the system needs to be cleaned out periodically and is responsible for the safe waste removal of your family.

There are many reasons why your septic system should last until you sell your home, but your system may need to be replaced sooner than you'd think. If you need a new septic system for your home, you don't want to wait until you experience total backflow or other issues to make repairs.

Here are signs you need a new septic system for your home. The sooner you have this work done, the better.

Smelly yard

Does your yard stink where your drain field is? If so, then your septic system may need to be drained, cleaned, or replaced. The seepage going into your yard will make your lawn stink as well as cause uneven growth on your property, all of which you don't need or want.

When your drain field is affected, you'll notice something else you don't want: squishy parts of your yard. Your yard will start to get soggy and wet in some areas as the sewage seeps above-ground, which creates a mess of your yard and a potentially dangerous problem for you.

Bad drains

If every drain in your house is suddenly moving incredibly slowly, then your home's sewer system is to blame. You don't want to have to experience the most tell-tale sign of sewage issues in the home — backed-up pipes or overflowing toilets — but if your drains are already moving slowly, then your septic system is about to also encounter this bad problem.

Weird noises

When your home's septic system needs to be replaced, you'll notice that the pipes in your house make truly odd sounds that are hard to pinpoint. Your pipes may groan and gurgle or rumble and hiss — even when you are not using them. If this is happening to you, then you need to have your pipes looked at first to see if the issue lies here, then have your septic system inspected to see if this is the problem you are encountering.

When you repair any plumbing issues you have in your home, you make your life much easier. A new septic system can be costly, but the investment is worth your family's safety and property protection. Contact a septic system installation company to learn more.