Three Uses For Barn Wood In Your Home

The barn wood look is something that many homeowners favor. Barn wood is available in a variety of hues, including brown and gray, and often has an unfinished surface that can add a rustic quality to your home. If you're thinking about adding barn wood in one or more ways, you're in luck — there's a long list of ways that you can add this wood to your home. Some people choose barn wood for large-scale functional purposes, such as flooring in a room, while others prefer it as a decor piece — for example, a sign with a slogan that you like with a barn-wood background. Here are three uses for barn wood that you might wish to explore.

Sliding Door

There are lots of reasons to value sliding doors inside your home. In addition to being a good space saver, they can offer some visual appeal — especially when they're made with the right materials. Barn wood can be a perfect material for a large sliding door. This style of door tends to be big and bold, so instead of disappearing into the wall like a pocket door, it will slide back and rest in front of the wall, giving you a nice look whether the door is open or closed. Many homeowners who opt for this rustic style of door use a vintage-looking track and hardware to complement the barn wood.

Accent Wall

While a lot of people like barn wood as a flooring option, you can also cover a wall in barn-wood planks. Covering every wall with this wood in a certain room may result in a look that is a little overwhelming, so think about focusing on just one wall. Just as painting one wall in a room a brighter color can be appealing, using barn wood as a wall covering — perhaps even covering just one section of the wall, rather than the entire thing — can create a look that you like.


Barn wood is a good material for rustic shelving. If you don't like the bulk and clutter of shelving units but instead prefer just a few simple shelves mounted directly to the wall, barn wood can be suitable. You can cut barn wood to different lengths to suit your shelving needs. For example, you might favor a long shelf with a few decorations sitting on it in the living room or a couple of short shelves on either side of your bed to act as bedside tables.

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