How To Patch Holes In Concrete

Small chips and holes in your concrete are bound to happen. Even small holes can be annoying because they can create a tripping hazard, dirt and weeds can start to grow out of them, water can accumulate inside the cavity. Concrete holes can be a pain to deal with.

Why You Need to Patch Concrete Holes

Obviously, smaller holes are usually less troublesome, but this doesn't mean you shouldn't still take care of them as soon as you see them. If you leave a hole alone for long enough, it is very likely that it will grow and deteriorate further. The roughed up edges can chip away and wear down, the acid in the soil can cause more deterioration, and it the concrete can be more vulnerable to cracking and splitting. So, it is always smart to patch your holes to restore the flat walking surface.

Patching Holes

Patching concrete holes is usually pretty simple because you can use a premixed formula. However, if your holes are deeper than 2", the job is going to be a little more difficult. Obviously, you first need to estimate how many patches you are going to need. Tubs of the pre-mixed patch are sold in quarts, 1-gallon, and even 5-gallon sizes. It is better to be safe and have more than you need because you don't wanna run out in the middle of a patch job.

If you have particularly deep holes, you will need to do the patching in stages. That is, you can fill up the bottom of the hole, wait for the patch to dry, and then fill it up to the top. If you put all of the patching in such a deep hole all at once, it will be so thick that it will take a long time to dry. The usual result of this is that the top of the surface dried to wavy and uneven.

Also, it is much easier to create a nice finish if you use wider concrete spreaders (also called floats). If the blade is wider than the hole, it will span the gap, and this makes it easy to create a seamless patch. Perfectionists will also sand their patch to help make sure there are no high spots. Most of these will wear down overtimes anyways, so it isn't a huge issue.

The work is easy, so you should patch your concrete holes rather than wait. For more information, contact your local house renovation servies.