Transforming A Spare Bedroom Into A Home Gym

A spare bedroom can be a great space for a home gym, but you can go beyond adding a few pieces of gym equipment to create a fully functional workout space. Working with a renovation company can make it easy to make this transformation. Here are a few features to consider as you plan your home gym remodeling contract.

Rubber Mat Flooring

Rubber mat flooring offers an ideal option for using your home gym to practice yoga or Pilates, and the soft, supportive texture can help to reduce impact on joints when doing more intense workouts. This flooring can be installed in place of hardwood flooring or carpeting, and it comes in a variety of color options to create the perfect look for your home gym.

Mirrored Wall

Having a mirrored wall can help you perfect dance moves, yoga poses, or the right positioning for weightlifting. Work with your remodeling contractors to create a full wall of mirrors for this purpose. Floor-to-ceiling mirrors offer a great option, but you can also opt for shorter mirrors to accommodate your space. Your contractors can paint the rest of the wall to suit, creating a new look for your room. Consider bright colors to help you stay motivated throughout workout sessions. If you are a dancer, have your contractor install a barre that runs along the length of the mirrored wall.

Wall-Mounted Weight Racks

Keeping your weights off the floor can help give your home gym a professional look, and it can also keep your items neatly organized. Have your contractors install a sturdy wall-mounted rack, but be sure that the rack is strong enough to support the total weight of your workout equipment. You may want to have multiple racks on different walls to prevent damaging the walls. You can also have your contractor install ceiling-mounted punching bags for boxing practice.

Home Theater Sound System

If music motivates you during workouts, consider trading in your headphones for an installed home theater sound system. You can have the speakers recessed into the walls for a sleek, low-profile look. For a state-of-the-art option, ask your contractor to install a touchscreen control panel in the wall. Another option is to add a wall-mounted television so you can keep up with your favorite shows when you work out.

Work with your contractor to create a design plan for your home gym, and think about the different ways you will use the space. Knowing how which exercise routines you will use can help you determine which features you want in your gym.