Can You Add Insulation To Finished Walls?

If you live in a finished home with drywall that has been textured and painted, you might think that it is too late to add any extra insulation. If your walls have bad sound and temperature insulation, you can actually add insulation. The task can be a little tricky, but it is definitely worth it if you want make your home a little more energy efficient. This article explains a great way to add insulation to your walls with spray foam insulation.

Will This Work on Your Walls?

First, you need to decide if this is an option for your home. Adding insulation is really only possible if you have drywall with vertical wood studs. Basically, you will be adding insulation into the gaps between the studs (also known as bays). Filling each bay is really only practical if you have vertical studs. This means you can spray foam into the top of the bay and thanks to gravity, it will fall down and fill in the entire cavity.

Determine Where to Drill the Holes

First, you need to figure out where to make the holes from where you will spray the foam into the bays. The goal is to drill the holes near the top of the wall, right in the center of the studs. So, you need a stud finder to mark the studs and mark the center point between the two. Do all the measuring and marking at once, and then come back and drill the holes. Make sure your holes are a little larger than the spray foam hose.

Adding the Insulation

Using disposable for spray foam can is probably the most convenient, but not the most cost-effective. Instead, if you can invest in large batches of spray foam insulation that you need a special pneumatic sprayer to use. These are pretty easy to use and can be rented from many home improvement stores. However, they have much bigger hoses, meaning you will need to drill bigger holes into your wall. You just spray until the foam starts to come out of the hole.

All you need to do to finish the job is patch the holes and repaint them. This can be a little bit of a headache, especially if you don't have leftover paint from wind you originally painted your walls. Color matching doesn't always work perfectly, so test your new paint and make sure it matches once it dries completely.

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