Landscaping Mistakes Homeowners Should Avoid

When you decided to update the landscaping in your yard, you had great intentions. However, somewhere along the way, things went south. There are many mistakes the average homeowner can make when planning a new landscaping design. Learn what mistakes you should avoid to keep your lawn looking great:

Sun Exposure

Before making a decision on any flowers, it's important to make certain you're considering the level of sun exposure your home typically gets. If you fail to, don't expect your plants and flowers to last very long.

For example, if you choose a flower that can only handle a minimal amount of sun exposure, such as cosmos bipinnatus or nicotianas, and the flower bed faces the sun for several hours a day, these flowers will die rather rapidly. The same is true if you choose a flower that requires high amounts of sun exposure, but your flower bed is shaded. Always consider exposure needs.

Mulch Overboard  

Mulch looks great and can add texture to a landscape design; however, there is such a thing as too much mulch. When you apply an excessive amount of mulch near your flowers, trees, and other plants, you could end up harming them.

Heavy mulch can limit the amount of oxygen that is able to pass through the roots. When oxygen is not able to flow freely, this can cause a plant to die. When applying mulch, you should be applying just enough to cover the surface, not packing it in.


Some homeowners make the mistake of failing to consider the level of care their landscaping design will require. This is an especially important step because it's important to make sure you're actually committed, and able, to keep your lawn in good condition.

Should you choose a landscaping design idea that comes with a lot of effort and you have a busy professional and personal schedule, your lawn will likely end up looking bad due to neglect. When your lawn looks bad, the exterior of your home will also look bad. Research care requirements and ensure the design you're considering is something you can, and are willing, to maintain.

Avoiding these mistakes won't just make your lawn look better, it will also keep it healthier. For the best results, don't overlook the idea of pairing with a professional landscaping designer to develop the best design for your home and to provide you with tips to keep your growths healthy. 

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