Create A Backyard Theater For Your Teenager And Their Friends To Enjoy

If your teenager enjoys watching action movies, surprise them for their birthday by creating a backyard theater for them and their friends to enjoy some of their favorite flicks and refreshments by completing the following steps:


  • rake
  • canopy 
  • movie screen
  • stand
  • portable movie projector (with built-in DVD tray)
  • electrical source
  • small table
  • movies
  • chairs

Erect A Canopy And Install Movie Equipment

Rent a canopy and chairs from a business that rents construction and party equipment and designate a time for the items to be delivered to your home. Prior to the canopy and chairs arriving, choose a level part of your property that you would like to use as a makeshift movie theater. Rake the ground to collect leaves, twigs and other debris.

Once the canopy and chairs arrive, seek assistance with erecting the canopy if the driver who delivered the items is equipped to do so. Otherwise, ask a friend or family member to assist you with erecting the canopy. Secure a movie screen to a stand before setting the stand at one end of the canopy. Press down on the base of the stand until it is stable. Open the movie screen and tilt it until it is level. Place a small table feet in front of the screen. Set a portable movie projector that has a built-in DVD tray on top of the table. 

Arrange Chairs And Prepare Refreshments

Place chairs next to each other under the canopy until you have formed several rows with the chairs. Decide what type of refreshments you would like to serve your child and their guests. Sandwiches, salads, popcorn, chips, and cookies are some options to consider serving. Place food on trays or in bowls before arranging the spread of items along a table that is placed underneath the canopy.

Make sure that the table is far enough away from the chairs so that people can get in and out of their seats without a struggle. Fill a cooler with ice and place a variety of canned and bottled beverages inside of the cooler. Stack paper plates next to the food items and fill a cup with plastic utensils. 

When guests arrive, allow them to fill their plates with food and to collect beverages before sitting in one of the chairs. Provide a brief intermission between movies, allowing everyone the opportunity to grab more food or beverages and mingle with one another.

Contact a party rentals company for more information and assistance.