Debunking Fire Sprinkler Myths

Fire sprinklers can help protect against the spread of a fire, but are they really safe. What do you do if your fire sprinkler goes off accidentally? What do you do if you burn your morning toast? While you might think that putting fire sprinklers in your home creates an unnecessary risk of water damage, you might be pleasantly surprised to find that many of the myths about water sprinklers are not true. 

Smoke Is a Problem in My Home

Whether you let your children help with dinner or not, you may create smoke in your home. Many people think that fire sprinklers go off when they detect smoke. This is simply not true. Instead, fire sprinklers are fitted with a bulb that contains a heat sensitive alcohol mixture. Thus, the fire sprinkler will only go off when the temperature inside your home gets hot enough to cause the alcohol mixture to heat up and break the glass. The only thing that will make the liquid get so hot is the heat from a fire. All those movies where people set of the fire sprinklers with a little bit of smoke are simply not accurate. 

Fire in One Area Is No Need for Water Damage in All Areas

In the movies, you often see all of the fire sprinklers going off in a building simply because one fire sprinkler was triggered. This is another instance of Hollywood stretching the truth for comedic or tragic effect. The truth is that if you have a fire in your kitchen that triggers the fire sprinkler, you don't have to worry about all of the fire sprinklers in all areas of your home going off. 

What about Water Damage?

What does happen if one of your sprinklers goes off accidentally? The amount of water emitted by a water sprinkler will not cause as much water damage as other common plumbing mishaps in a home. Thus, even if you do have accidental discharge, you should be able to clean up the mess relatively easily. 

Water sprinklers can make sense in a residential setting. You don't see them in many homes, but if you want to prevent fire from spreading before fire crews can get to it, a system of fire sprinklers can be a good idea. Talk to a plumbing contractor to learn more about how fire sprinklers work and how they can help you. Want to know more about fire sprinklers or other fire prevention systems? Contact a company like Fire Extinguisher Service Center with any questions you have.