Benefits of Installing Polished Concrete Floors

Are you thinking about remodeling your home? Are you still trying to decide exactly what type of floors you'd like in your custom-built home? While you may already have considered wood flooring, tiles, or carpeting, you may not realize that there could be another option for your home. Although it may not initially sound like something you would want, there are actually several advantages to these types of floors. Some of the reasons why you might want polished concrete floors in your home include the following

Easy cleanup: Tile flooring has grout that may need scrubbing. Carpeting should be vacuumed often and shampooed at least once a year. Hardwood floors also come with their own set of cleaning issues, one of the most important is that these floors can't tolerate moisture very well. This means that you're not supposed to use a wet mop and any liquid spills will have to be cleaned up immediately. In contrast to all of these maintenance needs, polished concrete floors can be extremely easy to clean. There is no grout to clean and concrete can be scrubbed or washed as necessary without causing injury to the floor. If you have pets or small children, this can be a great time-saver for you.

Beauty: When you think about concrete, you may only think about the gray color of a concrete sidewalk. Fortunately for you, polished concrete floors can come in a much wider array of colors. Before pouring, a number of pigments can be mixed into the concrete. Instead of just gray or off-white, you could have floors that are blue, orange, brown, or nearly any color that you can imagine. It's even possible to get floors that look like marble or hardwood flooring without having to deal with the maintenance issues of either material.

Cost: Although it lasts a long time, tile can have a high cost per square foot, especially once you add installation costs. Carpet may be cheaper than tile but may need to be replaced relatively often. Concrete can have a lifespan comparable to tile, and the cost per square foot can be significantly lower. The cheapest carpeting may cost only a few dollars per square foot, but installation and extra fees can significantly increase that cost. Fortunately for you, polished concrete floors can also cost only a few dollars per square foot to create or install in your home, and it won't have to be replaced nearly as often.