3 Tips For Great Barn Lighting

When building a new barn for your horses, there are several things that you should consider. One of the basic aspects that many barn owners overlook at first is adequate lighting. Lighting is important because it will help your animals regulate their sleep schedules. Additionally, it will make it easier for you to work in your barn if there is adequate lighting. Below are three tips to ensure you have adequate lighting in your barn. 

Light Stalls Individually 

A common mistake many barn owners make is to have a single light switch that controls all of their barn lighting or to install switches that control the lighting in certain quadrants of the barn. However, it is important that each stall has its own light that can be controlled independently of the other stalls. This will allow you to work in one stall without disturbing the animals in nearby stalls. 

When installing stall lighting, you should opt for overhead lighting or a single light that is installed high on the back wall of the stall. This will allow you to leave the rest of your barn dark when you are dealing with one problematic horse at night. 

Make the Most of Natural Lighting 

Natural lighting is better for you and your horses. It can make your barn more pleasant to work in throughout the day and it can help save you money on energy bills. For more natural lighting, consider installing more doors in your barn and opt for sliding doors rather than swinging doors, as swinging doors are more likely to cast shadows and prevent light from entering. Additionally, install ventilation windows along the ceiling or install skylights in the roof. These features, combined, can enable you to work in your barn without artificial light on sunny days. 

Install Switches at Both Ends of Your Aisle 

When constructing a barn, one of your concerns should be the efficiency of your work. You should try to reduce how much you have to walk to do any one task. Even a task as simple as turning on your aisle lights as the sun goes down can interrupt your work flow. You should install a switch at each end of your barn aisle. Additionally, if you have your tack room and feed storage in the middle of your barn, you should install another light switch there. 

It is important to consider your lighting while you are building because it will allow you to create a barn plan that is well-lit and comfortable. For more information, contact companies like Swiss Construction.