The Reasons Tile And Grout Cleaning Is Essential For Homeowners Living In Hot, Humid Climates

Tile flooring can greatly enhance the decorative appeal of your home's interior while also being a cool surface to walk on on hot days. Tile flooring is also easier to keep clean than carpeting and has a more elegant appearance than linoleum. Tile floor is also longer lasting than some other hard surface materials. However, while maintaining and cleaning your tile is easier, making sure you do regularly is vital to prevent your home from becoming an unhealthy and unattractive environment. Check out these reasons you need to keep your tile and grout clean as possible.

Hot, Humid Areas Are Prone To Faster Mold And Fungi Growth

Mold and fungi that can make you and your family sick thrive in hot, humid areas. The tile and grout in your home is a perfect environment for bacterial growth, especially in the bathroom. Stachybotrys is a fungus that has been found to thrive in the grout of tile flooring. Stachybotrys can cause severe cold and flu symptoms. Mold growth can also cause serious respiratory problems, especially in elderly people and small children. Persons in your family that have a compromised immune system can experience serious side effects from being exposed to mold and fungi. Cleaning grout on a regular basis with diluted bleach and dish detergent can reduce the risk of mold and fungi growing in your bathroom. Bear in mind that your kitchen is another room that may have moisture buildup, so taking care to clean the tile and grout in your kitchen regularly is also advised.

Grout Stains Can Be An Unsightly Smear On Your Home Decor

While stains may be easy to wipe off your tiles, the grout holding them down can be more challenging to clean. Grout is porous and, if not cleaned on a regular schedule, will absorb dirt and grime, making them harder to remove. For this reason, using a bleach solution is best for bleaching out the stains. The whole point of having tile is the decorative appeal it provides for your home's decor, so staying on top of grout cleaning is important for your tile flooring to remain beautiful. One way to make grout cleaning easier on you is by having it sealed by a professional. However, be sure to give your grout and tile a thorough cleaning before having sealant applied or you will seal in unsightly dirt and grime.

When you come home after a long day at work, slipping off your shoes and walking on a cool tile floor can be exhilarating and relaxing. Taking care of your tile flooring can be the best way to enhance your home's decor and maintain the investment you have in your home as well. Contact a company like All American Stone & Tile Care Inc. for more tips.