Enhancements To Consider During Your Pool Remodeling Project

If you've decided to remodel your swimming pool, this is the perfect time to add some upgrades designed to improve the pool's appearance and function. Here are a few of the things you should think about incorporating into your remodeling project. Your swimming pool contractor can tell you which ones are the best fit for you.

Opt For Salt Water Chlorination

If you don't want to use traditional chlorine in your pool anymore, you can convert it to salt water chlorination instead. Since traditional chlorine is irritating to your skin and eyes, using salt water instead can help to keep the chlorine effect at a minimum. The salt water chlorinator will turn salt into chlorine as needed to treat the water. It happens automatically, so there's no more dumping chlorine into the pool. It also means you won't have to test the water as often, either.

Apply An Aggregate Finish

Aggregate coatings are great for making swimming pools stand out. If you want your pool to be a topic of conversation, apply a coating like quartz, crystal or smooth, polished pebbles. Especially when you choose things like quartz or crystal, you'll have a reflective surface that will make the water sparkle and shimmer in the sun. You can even ask for coatings that are smooth on the top so that you can avoid the rough texture on your feet when you're in the pool.

Add An Automated Filler

With evaporation, splashing and other issues, swimming pools lose water pretty regularly. As a result, you probably find yourself refilling the pool on a regular basis. Low water levels can hinder the filtration system and may even cause added wear on the pump. If you want to maintain the water levels without having to remember the hose, you can add an automated filler to add water automatically any time the water level reaches below the predetermined level.

With options like these, you can make your pool look great and work efficiently. When you don't have to worry about the chlorination or the water levels, you'll be able to enjoy your pool more often without the stress that can come with upkeep. Your swimming pool should be a sanctuary and a place for fun and relaxation. When you remodel it to make it that way, it will become a favorite destination for your family and friends. Talk to your pool remodeling company or Nassau Pools Construction Inc about any other options that may help you make your pool your own.