3 Tips To Help Identify Mold Problems And Prevent Further Damage To Your Home

Mold can be a problem in your home that can spread and cause a lot of damage. It can eventually lead to rot and structural damage, as well as be a health hazard to your family. If you are concerned about a mold problem, you may want to be able to identify the problem easily. This can be done by keeping an eye out for mold in common places like in the bathroom and kitchen. Here are some tips to help you identify common mold problems and prevent them from damaging your home:

1. The Signs Of Mildew In The Bathroom Growing On Walls

Mildew is the first sign of a water problem and one of the most com0mon mold issues in homes. This can be the mildew that you start to see in the corners of your bathroom or moist areas in a kitchen. Dealing with this problem can often be done by doing a thorough cleaning with a product that kills mold spores. If you clean the problem and it just comes back, it may be a sign of a problem like a leaking drain, which you will want to have fixed before continuing with addressing any mold damage.

2. Water Spots That Could Be Hiding Leaks And Mold Problems

Water spots on a wall or a ceiling can be a another sign that there is a problem with water in your home. These can often be due to different types of leaks, such as damage to your roof or it may be a plumbing problem. Sometimes, pipes and drain lines can build up condensation that causes the damage, which you can have them insulated to prevent the problem. In addition, you may want to have a drain cleaning service check for any leaks to ensure that repairs are not needed.

3. Old Worn Waterproofing That Is Slowly Causing Mold And Mildew Problems

The foundation of your home may also be contributing to the problem of water and mildew. This can be due to old, worn waterproofing that is allowing water to slowly leak into your home. To solve this problem, you will want to have your foundation inspected and any leaks sealed. You may also want to talk to a drain cleaning service about cleaning the weeping tiles of your foundation, which are the drain lines that carry water away from your home and prevent problems like static pressure that can damage the foundation.

These tips can help you identify a potential mold problem and keep it under control. If you suspect that water is an issue in your home, contact a drain cleaning and repair service (like West Sound Plumbing Service) to have the repairs done before cleaning the mess.