Four Tips For Caring For Your Elevator

If you have an elevator in your building, you need to be sure that you do all that you can to maintain it. These tips will help you to keep your elevator running as safe as possible and will prevent you from needing expensive repairs. You will greatly lower your liability risk any time that you decide to get the help of an elevator service company that can help you out, as you also follow along with these maintenance steps below. 

Stay Away From Using Industrial Cleaning Products

Instead of using industrial cleaning products on your elevator, you should instead leave that work to an elevator service contractor. The reason for this is that industrial cleaners can get inside of your elevator's machinery and cause its parts to corrode. This can create machinery failures which can cause your elevator to break down, creating hazards and liabilities. 

Manage The Temperatures In The Elevator Machine Room

The way that your elevator works will depend on the machine room. This room is where your components are kept, so you never want to let the temperatures to get too hot, since it can create issues. For best results, you should make sure that this room is typically maintained at temperatures ranging from 15 degrees C to 32 degrees C. This will keep the elevator operating as it should and will prevent parts from burning out.  

Post Safety And Emergency Tips For Passengers

Your passengers need to always be aware of how to get out of the elevator if you are dealing with an emergency. This way, they'll be able to get out of the situation without further harm. Your signage should urge passengers to relax if their elevator happens to get stuck in between different floors, because they will not run out of breathing air that way. Always make sure that your alarm system is online and that you have attendants on call. Further, install high-quality emergency lights that will stay up if the power happens to go down.

Stay On Top Of Maintenance With The Help Of An Elevator Service Professional

Touch base with some elevator service contractors in your area who can regularly inspect and repair your elevator. This, on top of daily inspections of your own will make it so that you don't overlook any detrimental problems. Get some estimates on the services of these elevator professionals so that you know you are getting the best work. For more information, contact Golden State Elevator Service Inc. or a similar company.