Sewer Pump Malfunctioning? 3 Problems You May Be Facing

A faulty sewer pump can cause a back-up into the pump basket, which means your pump isn't discharging waste water properly. You'll need to take care of the problem quickly, or you'll begin noticing problems like sewer gases, slow drains and raw sewage backing up into your home. This guide will help you locate the problem quickly.

No Power to the Pump

Your pump is connected to your home's power supply through a system of circuit breakers. One breaker will control the pump action and another breaker will control the alarm system to the pump. The alarm is designed to sound as soon as there is a problem with the sewer pump.

If your sewer pump is malfunctioning but your alarm has not sounded to signal a problem, you should check the circuit breaker. If the circuit has tripped – meaning it has shut off – try re-engaging it. If the circuit continues to shut off, you have an electrical problem that will require professional repairs.

Faulty Float Switch

Your sewer pump has a built-in float that activates whenever the water reaches a certain level. When the float is not working properly, water will continue to fill the tank. When that happens, the float alarm will sound. You can check the float by plugging the pump into an alternate power source, which bypasses that main switch.

If the pump works when you plug it into an alternate power source, the problem is located in the main switch. However, if the pump still doesn't work, the pump may be jammed. You'll need to call a repair technician to take care of the problem for you.

Upper Level Water Not Flowing

Sewer ejector pumps operate by pumping water from the lower level of your home. As the lower level drains, the water from the upper level is able to empty through the drain pipes. If the drains on the upper floor of your home don't flow, check your pump. If it's operating properly – the power is on and there are no signs of back-up – you may have a clog in the line that will need to be professionally cleared.

Your sewer pump is designed to keep your sewage water flowing through your home. When it malfunctions, you can be left facing serious problems, including sewage backing up into your home. If you're having trouble with your sewer pump, this list can help you locate the problem.

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