Why You’ll Love Your Vinyl Windows

Installing new windows in your home is one of the most cost effective remodels you can invest in. With new windows, your home will get an interior and exterior upgrade at the same time. Of course, there are many different types of window styles and materials to choose from. One important thing you need to consider is the material of the frames. This article will explain why vinyl is a great material for windows frames.

Vinyl is Smooth

The smooth surface of vinyl is ideal for movable windows. It is perfect for sliding windows because there is very little friction. Vinyl sliding windows never need to be lubricated or sanded down for the windows to slide easily. And, the frames will not wear down or show markings from the constant sliding. Some vinyl frames even have a slight texture that make them even easier to slide around.

Vinyl is Lightweight

Vinyl is strong and rigid, yet lightweight. This makes it an ideal frame material because the frames will not bow or bend and compromise the glass pane. At the same time, vinyl is lightweight so it can be used in large frames. The weight of the frame will not put too much stress on the hinges. Since vinyl is so lightweight, it can be used on vertically sliding windows and the movable frame can be propped up at any height without any springs or locks.

Vinyl is Durable

Many people simply choose vinyl because they just want windows that will last a long time without any special maintenance. Vinyl is durable and can be simply cleaned with water. It is perfectly waterproof so you do not need to take any special measures to protect it from rainfall. The material is also great because it is largely fade resistant. The sun will not diminish the rich colors of vinyl frames. Just wipe down your frames with a wet rag every once in a while to make them shine like new!

Vinyl is not the only window material choice, but it is definitely one of the most practical. Also, it is one of the most widely available window materials. It is easy to find vinyl windows in just about any current or antique style. You will have no problem finding vinyl window frames that will match your home style. Best of all, it is a no-nonsense, low maintenance product that will look good and work great for many years.

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