3 Landscape Ideas For A More Private Yard

You love your landscape, but you don't love the open invitation it seems to give to your neighbors and passersby. If you want your yard to feel more intimate and private, there are a few ways you can use landscaping design to accomplish a more seclusive appeal. Here are 3 ways you can use landscaping to make your property feel more private.  

Create livable space

If you want your private yard to have a secluded area where you can read, relax, or just watch the birds in the trees, you can have a section of your yard turned into a private 'room' of sorts. Using a bench as a centerpiece, your landscaper can surround a whole area of your yard with trellises, rock beds, shrubs, and trees with low-hanging foliage to create an intimate space that is all your own. Trees with low foliage include: 

  • willow
  • umbrella tree
  • witch's broom

This private area is a great solution if you don't want your whole yard closed off to the world, but you still want a little section of yard for secluded use.

Add a shrubbery fence line

Your landscaper can recommend trees and shrubs that grow quickly along your fence line or edge of your property to create a very private appeal. Trees and shrubs like juniper, ninebark, cypress, and willow varieties can give you a beautiful and functional privacy fence. Since they grow quickly, you can enjoy a private natural yard in just a few seasons.

If you don't want to use shrubbery or trees to create a natural privacy fence, you can use decorative boulders instead. Your landscaper can bring in natural rock and display it in your yard for the privacy borders you need.

Add decorative vines

If you have an existing chain link or iron fence, vines can be planted to climb the open spaces to create the intimate enclosure you are wanting. Morning glory, ivy, grapes, and even Virginia creeper are all beautiful vines that grow lush and thick every summer season when you will use your yard the most. Ask your landscaper which kinds of vines they recommend planting for your climate.

You can use landscaping to your advantage if you want a more private yard. You can seclude just a single private space for yourself to enjoy in your open landscape, or you can create natural fencing or even cover existing fences for a more intimate and closed off appeal. Talk with a landscaper from a company like Cottonwood Landscapes LLC to help you choose which options are best for you based on your preference, budget, and size of your yard.