The One Thing You Should Do To Avoid A Leaking Frameless Glass Shower Enclosure

Frameless glass shower enclosures give a shower area an attractive clean look that is rarely possible with most shower designs. And although most people love the simplicity of these shower enclosures, some usually shy away from having them installed in their homes because they believe that they are leak-prone. Well, that is a myth. In fact, it is something that only happens because of poor installation. This is so especially when it comes to the installation of an enclosure's curb.

The installation mistake that is responsible for most of the leaks

To make it easy for people to get into the shower area, putting in place a 'step-up' is usually necessary. This is what is commonly referred to as the curb. And it is the part that is the source of leak problems that most homeowners face.

Some people usually install it in such a way that it slopes away from the drain. When they do this, a shower leak is almost unavoidable. This is because any water that sprinkles on the curb's surface will naturally flow outside the shower area instead of flowing into the drain.

And even when most people get the direction of slope right, they tend to forget to maintain the ideal slope. And given that anything that deviates too far from a 5% positive slope almost always leads to a leak, it is no surprise that most people believe in the myth of the always-leaking glass shower enclosures.

What you should do to avoid leaking shower enclosures

Install the curb correctly. Make sure that its top slants towards the shower drain. Also make sure that that it slants at a 5% positive slope towards the drain.

Making it slant towards the drain will ensure that all the water that splashes on the curb's surface goes to the drain. On the other hand, maintaining the 5% positive slope will help ensure that gravity is on your side, working as hard as possible to ensure that there is no spillage from the shower area.

For a stress-free installation, use a solid threshold. A piece of stone, marble or granite will be perfect for this, especially when compared to the use of tiles. This is so because tile surfaces come with grout lines. Grout lines usually provide escape routes for water. Using a smooth solid piece as the surface of the curb is therefore the perfect leak-proof installation option.

The only thing that you should remember during installation is not to overdo it. While a more-than-5% slant will get the most out of gravity, it will make it difficult for you to open your door. Striking a healthy balance is the key to getting a perfect frameless glass shower enclosure. For more information, talk to a company like Rex Glass & Mirror Co., Inc.