Slate Roofing: Is It Right For You?

A roof that can last more than 100 years sounds like an amazing and wonderful feat. Slate roofing is said to be both beautiful and durable. This type of roofing material has good, bad, and ugly sides just like any other option. When deciding whether or not it is right for you, it helps to look at the good, bad, and ugly sides.

The Good

There are some great advantages to living in a home that has a slate roof. It is a strong material that does not wear down easily. Other types of roofs provide protection from the elements for 30 years or less. This material is wonderful because it is not a man-made material. It is quarried in Vermont, Wales and China.

It gives the home a natural look that is graceful and elegant. It is good for the environment and great for the home. This product is waterproof without needing any additional chemicals or steps to keep water out during storms. Furthermore, slate is mold resistant, so no need to worry about mold eating through the roof and causing leaks. Slate is fireproof, making it invaluable in places prone to wildfires.

The Bad

Slate can be very hard to install on a rooftop. Each piece must be individually crafted by hand to fit perfectly onto the roof. It is not a quick job and can take many days to properly create and install. It is absolutely imperative that slate is put into place by a professional to prevent injuries and improperly placed tiles. This is a heavy material, so it may not be appropriate for all types of homes. In some cases, extra support may have to be installed to make sure the weight of the slate does not cause the roof to collapse.

The Ugly

There is a downside to every project. In this case, a slate roof can be very expensive to purchase. Prices will vary due to location, contractor used, how much slate is used, and the length of time needed to place the slate. It may seem like a great deal of money at first, but never having to worry about the issues that plague other types of roofing can bring a lot of relief to homeowners.

Slate roofing isn't for everyone. Some people want a fancier looking roof. However, for the people who like the idea of a material that is naturally repellent to mold and insects, a slate roof may be exactly what they are looking for. It's natural beauty and strength that can last at least 100 years makes slate roofs an excellent choice for generations of a family to grow up under. Contact professionals, such as those from Three Rivers Roofing, to see how to best fulfill your needs.