Using Recycled Pallets Effectively And Efficiently For Home Storage Solutions

If you have access to used wood pallets, you will find that these have dozens of uses and can be a valuable resource for solving home storage shortages. Not only do these materials keep goods up and off the ground, stacking neatly and squarely, these also provide users with visibility of their storage which makes it easier to access and use items when needed.

Before you stack and use your pallets at your home, consider these tips to achieve a sturdy and durable storage system:

Use pallet racks.

It is far safer and more secure to only stack wood pallets when you are using pallet racks (like those from Patton Equipment Company, Inc.). These frames are typically made of metal, and keep the pallets from sliding apart during use. This, in-turn, keeps your goods protected, organized, and sturdy.

Discard compromised pallets.

You have probably heard the expression, "one bad apple spoils the bunch;" this is also true when working with storage pallets. If you use a deteriorated pallet for your goods, and stack items on top, you run the risk of the whole system collapsing. Examine each pallet carefully before using them, and discard any that are damaged, broken, or mildewed.

A sense of order is key.

Pallets should be stacked in an orderly fashion so that you have good visibility of your stored goods, and so you can gain easy access to your supplies when needed. Keep like-items together, and don't stack pallets so high that goods on the bottom are difficult to reach.

Treat the wood first.

It doesn't hurt to give your wood pallets a quick coat of wood preservative to prevent against rot or mold. This should also protect them from the effects of moisture in humid or damp climates, which will subsequently protect your stored reserves from these factors also.

Regularly rotate your stored goods.

Pallets make a great storage system in a disaster shelter or emergency bunker, as they allow you to stow large amounts of supplies in an orderly, vertical fashion. Be sure to routinely check and rotate your stocks so that older items, such as canned foods or water, are brought to the front for immediate use. It does you no good to have bulk supplies when many items get pushed to the back and are allowed to become expired or unusable.

Wood pallets are a great resource, and one that can provide a wide-range of uses to the homeowner. Before using them for storage in the home, garage, or shelter, be sure that the pallets are in good shape, treated with preservatives, and are organized within pallet racking to keep them secure and safe. This will allow you full visibility of your stored supplies, and make rotating and reorganizing much easier.