Why You Should Hire A Project Manager For Your First Large Construction Contract

As a construction company, you pride your business on being able to professionally complete an entire project, be it building a residential property from the ground up or doing a remodeling project. As you take on your first large construction project, having a manager on site can help you in many ways by guiding your from the beginning of the project to the end, so you can feel confident in your crew and gain customer satisfaction easily. Learn just why you should hire on a commercial construction project manager for your first large construction contract, and just what a project manager is.

What a commercial construction project manager is

A commercial construction project manager is an individual you typically hire outside your company to help you oversee your large project. What you should look for is a person who is independently licensed and insured in project management, so you know they are safe on site in the event of an accident or any legal issues that should come underway along the process of your large project. Project managers work with you and the client from the onset of the building project, from the initial bid and planning to completion, and provide many benefits to your construction company.

Handling finances

Larger projects can be difficult to handle when you have your bid to consider. Your project manger can work one-on-one with your client to keep them updated on any financial needs and changes in the project due to budget constraints. They can also work with wholesale construction suppliers to help you stay on track. With many mini projects going on in your large construction, the project manager works with the electricians, plumbers, and masons as well to make sure that everyone is staying within budget no matter what supplies are needed.

Staying on schedule

Larger projects take longer to complete, simply because there are many more aspects involved in the building of the project. Your project manager ensures that every individual involved in the project stays on schedule by doing the following:

  • creating a daily planner for all completion deadlines
  • having daily or weekly meetings with all construction crew
  • walking the floor daily to check deadline approval
  • working with the client to update them on changes in schedules

When you are taking on a large project for the first time, you want to make sure you do it right. Having a commercial construction manager to assist you in your construction completion can help you meet all your clients' needs, maintain a healthy financial and schedule balance, and can make sure that you are confident in your construction crew to get the job completed well. With the right assistance, you can grow your company in many ways by doing well on your first large construction bid.