How To Protect Your Kitchen Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is a beautiful long-lasting option for your home. Are you considering installing hardwood flooring in your kitchen? If so, it is important that you are aware of the additional steps of protection that are needed to protect your hardwood flooring from becoming damaged.

Sliding Appliances

After your hardwood floors are installed, you will have to put your appliances in place. If not done properly, your brand new floors could be severely damaged. You have two options to protect your flooring as you position your appliances.

  1. Use plastic furniture movers – These are small, smooth plastic disks with rubber on the top to set your appliance legs on. Set your appliance legs on the movers and slide the appliance into place. This will prevent the legs from gouging your flooring and they can be left in place. This way, when you have to move your appliances in the future, it is easy to do and will not damage your floor.
  2. Use a moving dolly – Lay an area rug or cardboard in front of the area where you are placing your appliance to protect it from damage caused by the dolly. Carefully position your appliance and lower it gently from the dolly.

Moisture Protection

The area in front of your sink and dishwasher should be protected from moisture. You will be dripping water from these areas often and if not prevented, the wood could warp or become discolored. Invest in some quality floor mats. These mats will catch the water and prevent it from damaging the wood.

Note: Anytime the mats become damp, be sure to wash and dry them. This will prevent mold from growing in the mats and keep the moisture from soaking through into the flooring.

Drop Protection

You will likely drop your pots and pans from time to time. A thick padded mat placed in front of your stove and in front of the cabinet where you store your pots and pans can help protect the area. Thin throw rugs are not suitable to protect these areas, so be sure it is thick enough to take the impact of the falling pot.

Scratch Protection

The dirt and debris that is left on your kitchen hardwood flooring can actually damage your floors. When feet drag the dirt across the surface, small scratches can form. After time, the scratches will cause the flooring to look terrible. To prevent these small scratches, dust mop your floors daily.

If you have further concerns about installing hardwood floors in your kitchen, talk with your local hardwood flooring expert, like those at Empire Hardwood Floors. He or she will be able to help you find the best hardwood flooring option for your kitchen.